Morning Thoughts 2/8/2018 9:03am


The Most High

point in the sky, the Zenith.

Directly above the top of the head,

a plumb line to 90º above the Horizon,

a Sum of all Summits, the Highest Height,

your Zenith is always with you,

it's there but it isn't,

a useful point in finding one's position,

telling the time and mapping coordinates,

Dead reckoning of the Stars.


One of my Zenith stars is Alphecca of Corona Borealis,

A jewel in the Crown of Immortality,

crafted from the shards of a broken bowl,

once held by the Ancient Bedouin who named the stars

with the oldest names.

Alphecca is the Gem of Ishtar,

as Venus is the planet of Love.

From the poor man's plate to the crown of a Goddess,

the Queen who watches over Looms and Labyrinths,

the Maze of the Mind and the Weaving of Dreams.

This crown of Stars is handed down from the Ages,

a symbol so immortal it worn by the Woman of the Apocalypse,

inspiring the design behind the flag of Europe.

This crown is the Zodiac worn by the Seeker

who learns the Stars by Heart

and can See them in his Mind's Eye.

By imbuing the Mind with Star Light,

One makes this crown of Sight

Brighter, Clearer, and more Consistant,

Clear as Coronoa Borealis is at the Zenith.



Andrew Weavee